Virtual Competition Results Autumn 2021

Best in Show
Anna Krylova, Russia

Thank you to absolutely everyone who entered.

We were overwhelmed by the number, and impossibly high standard of entries. Well done to everyone who took part in the world’s most exciting sugarcraft and cake decorating competition.

HUGE congratulations to everyone who won an award – you can find the full list of winners below.

We hope to see you all at the next Cake International!

If you’d like to download the appropriate award badge to use on your social media, please click on the relevant link below:

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Select a letter to view category results 

Please note if your name is not listed then unfortunately your entry has received no award or was not to schedule. Please await your feedback sheet from the judges which will provide further information.


The category finalists are:


A Floral Display

Tetyana Semenets


A Floral Wreath/Hoop



Any edible medium decorated cookies



Royal Iced Cookies

Anna Krylova



Decorated Plaque

Yulia Bunnell

United States

3D Display of Cookies

Niloofar Ravanbakhsh


Display of Cupcakes

Rebecca Mackenzie


Decorative Exhibit category

Oksana Logacheva



Small Decorative Exhibit category

Inna Sapegina


Decorative Exhibit Figure/s or A Bust

Olga Blinova


Head Judge’s Wild Card – A Floral Sculpture

Lubna Gafoor


Single Tiered Celebration Cake




Wedding Cake of 2 or More Tiers

Kevin Visperas


Colourful Wedding Cake of 2 or More Tiers category

Anastasia Dyachenko


Beginners’ category

Masaki Konishi


Hand Painted Cake

Ekaterina Mochikhina



In Memory of Jennifer Lofthouse

Claudia Adina



Class A – A Floral Display

TetyanaSemenetsCanadaVirtual Gold 1st 
NataliaLupychUkraineVirtual Silver 2nd 
Erika Amelia ErsekRomaniaVirtual Silver 3rd 
ChristineVan WetteringUnited StatesVirtual Silver 
XingxingYeChinaVirtual Silver 
SwetaDalmiaIndiaVirtual Bronze 
LidiiaRudovskaAustraliaVirtual Bronze 
Orsolya SmuknéHungaryVirtual Bronze 
BeiNiQuChinaVirtual Bronze 
CrisalDimalantaPhilippinesVirtual Bronze 
HelenStarikovaRussiaVirtual Bronze 
Raniah AgamiaEgyptVirtual Bronze 
AnnaLukacovicovaSlovakiaVirtual Bronze 
PuraMacalinaoUnited KingdomVirtual Bronze 
VeronikaSmetankoBelarusVirtual Bronze 
Qiu YiZhangChinaVirtual Merit 
Samira SepehriradUnited StatesVirtual Merit 
AyomiYapaAustraliaVirtual Merit 
WeihongHuangChinaVirtual Bronze 
MariaMardokhiUnited StatesVirtual Merit 
Rika BosmanSouth AfricaVirtual Merit 
AmalYassinUnited KingdomVirtual Merit 
PalIndiaVirtual Merit 

Class AA – Wafer Paper Flowers

Yasna BravoBrazilVirtual Bronze 
ZaneStavraGreeceVirtual Bronze 
BinbinCaiChinaVirtual Merit 
BeiNiQuChinaVirtual Merit 

Class B – A Floral Wreath/Hoop

InessaAbakumovaRussiaVirtual Silver 1st 
Erika Amelia ErsekRomaniaVirtual Silver 2nd 
TatjanaKarginaGermanyVirtual Bronze 3rd 
OlenaIlienkoUkraineVirtual Merit 
LilianaKumanUkraineVirtual Merit 
JasminCatolosPhilippinesVirtual Merit 
AmbikaPravinkumarUnited StatesVirtual Merit 
SaraReedUKVirtual Merit 

Class C – Any edible medium decorated cookies

IrynaFinashynaRussiaVirtual Gold 1st 
AnaRemígioPortugal Virtual Gold2nd
NataliaBakulinaRussiaVirtual Silver 2nd 
MegumiOhmoriJapanVirtual Silver

Class CC – Royal Iced Cookies

AnnaKrylovaRussiaVirtual Gold 1st 
MarikoIshiguroJapanVirtual Gold  2nd 
BudiakElenaUkraineVirtual Gold 3rd 
NasrinMoolianiVirtual Gold 
YuliyaKashinaUkraineVirtual Gold 
Yi Yun ChienTaiwanVirtual Gold 
SvetlanaZobovaRussiaVirtual Gold
Saori OtakiJapanVirtual Silver 
Min-HuaWangTaiwanVirtual Silver 
Wan TingChanMalaysiaVirtual Silver 
Ying Ju ChenVirtual Silver 
EvgeniyaBrunsteinGermanyVirtual Silver 
AveryanovaElenaRussiaVirtual Bronze 
AyakaTsutsumiJapanVirtual Bronze 
Yu-QiWangTaiwanVirtual Merit 

Class D – Decorated Plaque

YuliaBunnellUnited StatesVirtual Gold 1st 
Ekaterina AndriyanovaRussiaVirtual Silver 2nd 
TanyaShengarovaBulgariaVirtual Silver 3rd 
Вагнер Ольга АндреевнаRussiaVirtual Silver 
Ting ChihHuangTaiwanVirtual Bronze 
Min-HuaWangTaiwanVirtual Bronze 
Madalina GinaRaicuBelgiumVirtual Merit 
PrasannaDVLIndiaVirtual Merit 
Hsu Chi YuTaiwanVirtual Merit 
Oksana DiachenkoRussiaVirtual Merit 

Class DD – 3D Display of cookies

NiloofarRavanbakhshIranVirtual Gold 1st 
Elena GolovinaRussiaVirtual Silver 2nd 
Wai FonWongMalaysiaVirtual Silver 3rd 
Madalina GinaRaicuBelgiumVirtual Bronze 
TatianaKvashninaRussiaVirtual Bronze 
HendTahaEgyptVirtual Bronze 
AleksandraSafronovaRussiaVirtual Bronze 
OxanaShamsullinaRussiaVirtual Bronze 
Семенова ИринаRussiaVirtual Merit 
Вагнер Ольга АндреевнаRussiaVirtual Merit 
Tan Wan Peng GermaineSingaporeVirtual Merit 
EkaterinaKlimovaRussiaVirtual Merit 
Manuela CantuItalyVirtual Merit 
Irina DobrovolskayaVirtual Merit 

Class E – Display of Cupcakes

Rebecca MackenzieUKVirtual Silver 1st
Chiachen TsaiTaiwanVirtual Silver 2nd
Tsai Nien
TingTaiwanVirtual Silver2nd
VickiWillsUnited KingdomVirtual Silver 3rd
Tu OanhDuongováCzech RepublicVirtual Bronze
MarinaDewaldGermanyVirtual Bronze 
FarkhandaKaleemSaudi ArabiaVirtual Bronze
Ka LamMakUnited StatesVirtual Bronze

Class F – Sculpted/Carved cake

AnnaKalinichenkoRussiaVirtual Bronze 
ChloeMaguireUnited KingdomVirtual Bronze 
Natalia GrimashevichRussiaVirtual Merit 
ИринаСеменоваRussiaVirtual Merit 
SarahCampbellUnited KingdomVirtual Merit 

Class G – Decorative Exhibit category

Oksana LogachevaRussiaVirtual Gold 1st 
OlenaHryhorievaUkraineVirtual Gold 2nd 
ElenaSorokinaRussiaVirtual Gold 3rd 
Hanna TkachenkoUkraineVirtual Gold 
AngelaPentaItalyVirtual Gold 
RanPangCanadaVirtual Silver 
Evgeniya GrechishnikovaRussiaVirtual Silver 
TetianaMielientievaUkraineVirtual Bronze 
AlenaUkolovaRussiaVirtual Bronze 
Irina ShabanBelarusVirtual Bronze 
Вагнер Ольга АндреевнаRussiaVirtual Bronze 
AnastasiyaLakinaRussiaVirtual Merit 
SofyaGreysGermanyVirtual Merit 
LeanneCameronUnited KingdomVirtual Merit 
YuliaAvrushkinaLatviaVirtual Merit 
KellyLintinUnited KingdomVirtual Merit 
TraceyMckayUnited KingdomVirtual Merit 
OlenaHayovaUkraineVirtual Merit 

Class H – Small Decorative Exhibit category

Inna SapeginaRussiaVirtual Gold 1st 
MichaelWehrmannFranceVirtual Gold 2nd 
Chang Yi FanTaiwanVirtual Gold 3rd 
LyubovKorotaevaRussiaVirtual Gold
ЕкатеринаМаторинаRussiaVirtual Gold 
Shu-MeiChuangTaiwanVirtual Gold 
立瑋TaiwanVirtual Silver 
SandraSmileyUnited StatesVirtual Silver 
AnaRemígioPortugalVirtual Silver 
Natalia FokinaRussiaVirtual Bronze 
立瑋TaiwanVirtual Bronze 
NataliaGordeevaPolandVirtual Bronze 
Al'onaTymoshenkoItalyVirtual Bronze 
NatalyaBorodinaRussiaVirtual Merit 
WeihongHuangChinaVirtual Merit 
Zhi YingFengCanadaVirtual Merit
ChristineGilesUnited KingdomVirtual Merit 
OksanaIvanovaRussiaVirtual Merit 
Valeriya VozchikovaRussiaVirtual Merit 

Class I – Decorative Exhibit Figure/s or A Bust

OlgaBlinovaRussiaVirtual Gold 1st 
Ольга ЖуковаRussiaVirtual Gold 2nd 
Elena PolevaRussiaVirtual Silver 3rd 
Anna ShapovalovaRussiaVirtual Silver
Adrian CampisanoArgentinaVirtual Silver 
Irina DobryninaRussiaVirtual Silver
Margarita EliseevaRussiaVirtual Silver
Silvia KolevBulgariaVirtual Bronze 
ЕкатеринаСазоноваRussiaVirtual Bronze 
EkaterinaMalikovaRussiaVirtual Bronze 
CarinaStorkeyUnited KingdomVirtual Merit 
JennieCochraneUnited KingdomVirtual Merit 

Class J – Head Judge’s Wild Card – A Floral Sculpture

LubnaGafoorIndiaVirtual Gold 1st

Class K – Royal Iced Celebration Cake of 1, 2 or 3 tiers


No awarded entries in this category.

Class L – Single Tiered Celebration Cake

Cheng Yu ChienTaiwanVirtual Gold 1st 
Easha Ann RathnayakeUnited Arab EmiratesVirtual Bronze 2nd 
Sanaz Vosough GhanbariCanadaVirtual Bronze 3rd 
Ka LamMakUnited StatesVirtual Bronze 
Siti HajarZakariaMalaysiaVirtual Merit 
SammiWoodUnited KingdomVirtual Merit 
FarkhandaKaleemSaudi ArabiaVirtual Merit 
GulnaraMurzaevaGermanyVirtual Merit 
WinnyChoiHong KongVirtual Merit 
ИринаДобровольскаяRussiaVirtual Merit 

Class M – Wedding Cake of 2 or More Tiers

KevinVisperasPhilippinesVirtual Gold  1st 
ĽubicaKočalkováSlovakiaVirtual Bronze  2nd 
Валентина МальцеваRussiaVirtual Bronze 3rd 
ArchanaBagriIndiaVirtual Bronze 
Oxana WagnerRussiaVirtual Bronze
Elaine MurphyUKVirtual Merit 
Georgenna PatonUKVirtual Merit 
Fathimma NishanaUnited Arab EmiratesVirtual Merit 
JoanneThompsonUnited KingdomVirtual Merit 
Evgeniia KizlenkoRussiaVirtual Merit

Class N – Colourful Wedding Cake of 2 or More Tiers category

Anastasia DyachenkoRussiaVirtual Gold 1st 
Malani KariyakarawanaUKVirtual Gold 2nd 
Ekaterina AntochevskaiaGermanyVirtual Bronze 3rd 
JunGuoChinaVirtual Bronze 
AnastassiyaSeldenraikhGermanyVirtual Bronze 
Tusz-BakoBrigittaHungaryVirtual Merit
Chiachen TsaiTaiwanVirtual Merit 

Class O – Beginners’ category

MasakiKonishiJapanVirtual Silver 1st 
Easha Ann RathnayakeUnited Arab EmiratesVirtual Silver 2nd 
KarinDemizuJapanVirtual Bronze 3rd 
AnnoKitaharaJapanVirtual Silver 
HarukaOhataJapanVirtual Silver 
KotomiNakamuraJapanVirtual Bronze 
Louise McBainUnited KingdomVirtual Bronze 
CindyGaoJapanVirtual Bronze 
HrumaUmemotoJapanVirtual Merit 
AiKainoJapanVirtual Merit 

Class P – Hand Painted Cake

Ekaterina MochikhinaRussiaVirtual Gold 1st 
PallaviKaranVirtual Silver 2nd 
Diana MaierRussiaVirtual Silver 3rd 
YordankaBekyarova-Delev United KingdomVirtual Silver
DanielDionisioBrazilVirtual Bronze 
Elena PlesovskikhRussiaVirtual Bronze 
Xelene La MercedOrduñaPeruVirtual Bronze 
Valentina GrimashevichRussiaVirtual Bronze 
Yuliyana GandzhovaBulgariaVirtual Bronze
TanyaShengarovaBulgariaVirtual Merit 
LiliaTsaldarisGermanyVirtual Merit 

Class Q – Shoes and Handbag – In memory of Jennifer Lofthouse

Claudia AdinaNastaseSpainVirtual Silver 1st 
Erica CampiArgentinaVirtual Bronze 2nd 
Zhanna KrasnovidovaRussiaVirtual Merit 3rd 
MarianneBerchGermanyVirtual Merit 
GuzelZakirovaRussiaVirtual Merit 
Kelley GerrardUnited KingdomVirtual Merit 
TatyanaTolstyxRussiaVirtual Merit