Bake International Competition Results Autumn 2022

Best in Show
Coralie Featherstone

Thank you to absolutely everyone who entered

HUGE congratulations to everyone who won an award – you can find the full list of winners below.

We hope to see you all at the next Bake International!


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Please note if your name is not listed then unfortunately your entry has received no award or was not to schedule. Please await your feedback sheet from the judges which will provide further information.

Class 1 – Sourdough Bread 


HilmaNardiUnited KingdomMerit

Class 2 – A Bread Basket


No awarded entries in this class.

Class 3 – A Dough Display


No awarded entries in this class.

Class 4 – A Naked Rich Fruit Cake


Claire Griffiths
1st Place

Emily Edmundson
2nd Place

Jane Farley
3rd Place

ClaireGriffithsUnited KingdomGold1st
EmilyEdmundsonUnited KingdomGold2nd
JaneFarleyUnited KingdomSilver3rd
AnneGoddardUnited KingdomBronze
NicolaHarrisonUnited KingdomBronze
KirstyGriffithsUnited KingdomBronze
HazelJonesUnited KingdomBronze
VictoriaWhiteUnited KingdomMerit
AmyGoddardUnited KingdomMerit
JacquelineBuckleyUnited KingdomMerit

Class 5 – A Drip Cake


Julie Hodson-Walker
1st Place

Gavin Puttick
2nd Place

Brony Seifert
3rd Place

JulieHodson-WalkerUnited KingdomGold1st
GavinPuttickUnited KingdomSilver2nd
BronyaSeifertUnited KingdomSilver3rd
SophiePiperUnited KingdomBronze
HelenSearle-JonesUnited KingdomBronze
JulieLeatherbarrowUnited KingdomMerit

Class 6 – Afternoon Tea Pastries

Coralie Featherstone
1st Place

Jazmin Andrews
2nd Place

Serena Stirling
3rd Place

CoralieFeatherstoneUnited KingdomGold1st
JazminAndrewsUnited KingdomSilver2nd
SerenaStirlingUnited KingdomSilver3rd
MindyRobinsonUnited KingdomBronze
AndreaBabcockUnited KingdomMerit
CarolineBaileyUnited KingdomBronze
JacquelineLewisUnited KingdomMerit