Junior Competition Results Summer 2021


Best in Show
Aleksandra Novakova, Ukraine


Thank you to absolutely everyone who entered.

We were overwhelmed by the number, and impossibly high standard of entries. Well done to everyone who took part in the world’s most exciting sugarcraft and cake decorating competition.

HUGE congratulations to everyone who won an award – you can find the full list of winners below.

We hope to see you all at the next Cake International!


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Kenwood Star
Timur Orlovskiy,


The category finalists are:


Decorative Exhibit “Fantasy, Dark Fantasy or Science Fiction” (16 – 18 years)

Makarii Shehovcov


Sugar Flowers (16 – 18 years)

Aleksandra Novakova


Cookies (16 – 18 years)

Dina Pachkovskaya


A Single Tier Cake “Dreams” (13 – 15 years)

Maria Nikolaychuk



A Display of Cupcakes (13 – 15 years)

Joel Ireland


Cookies (13 – 15 years)

Alina Sydorchuk


A single tier 6” cake “My Favourite Animal” (10 – 12 years)

Alina Hirdaramani

Sri Lanka

A Display of Cupcakes (10 – 12 years)

Yeva Hovhannisyan



Cupcakes (7 – 9 years)

Sofia Safronova


A single tier cake “My Best Friend” (7 – 9 years)

Eva Krasnovidova


Modelling – “My Toy” (Under 7 years)

Veronika Kharchenko



Class A – Decorative Exhibit “Fantasy, Dark Fantasy or Science Fiction”

16 – 18 years

Makarii ShehovcovRussiaVirtual Gold1st
Holly GroveUKVirtual Silver2nd
Tansila SaydulaevaGermanyVirtual Bronze3rd
Eleanor MacPheeUKVirtual Bronze
Nikita MednikovRussiaVirtual Bronze
Alexandra TyurkinaRussiaVirtual Merit
Екатерина СидороваRussiaVirtual Merit
Alexander LapigaRussiaNo Award
Олеся БоровковаRussiaNot to Schedule
Ольга ОрловаRussiaNot to Schedule
Екатерина ЛапигаRussiaNot to Schedule
Екатерина ПетрушинаRussiaNot to Schedule

Class B – Sugar Flowers

16 – 18 yearsAleksandra Novakova

Aleksandra NovakovaUkraineVirtual Gold1ST
Fidan FarajovaAzerbaijanVirtual Silver2ND
Juliana BushRussiaVirtual Bronze3RD
Chloe FarringtonUKVirtual Bronze
Dina PachkovskayaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Ekaterina ParfirievaRussiaNo Award
Lilli-rose FoskewUKNo Award

Class C – Cookies

16 – 18 years

Dina PachkovskayaRussiaVirtual Gold1ST
Inola MutalovaUzbekistanNot to Schedule

Class D – A Single Tier Cake “Dreams”

13 – 15 years

Maria NikolaychukRussiaVirtual Silver1st
Kseniya SafronovaRussiaVirtual Bronze2nd
Caitlin DavidsonScotland UKVirtual Bronze3rd
Ava O’SheaIrelandVirtual Bronze
Anna JansNetherlandsVirtual Bronze
Cemile AhmetUKVirtual Bronze
Sakhaanna AndreevaRussiaVirtual Merit
Maria EremeevaRussiaVirtual Merit
Aaron ShoneUSAVirtual Merit
Joseph David CourtneyUKNot to Schedule
Kotryna JurkuteUKNot to Schedule
Anastasiya ZharikovaRussiaNot to Schedule
Anastasia BerdyuginaRussiaNot to Schedule
Daria EfimovaRussiaNot to Schedule
felicia hartonoIndonesiaNot to Schedule
Phoebe RitchieUKNot to Schedule
Aoife MckinleyUKNot to Schedule
Amelia WalshUKNot to Schedule
Kamilla DjalalovaUnited StatesNot to Schedule

Class E – A Display of Cupcakes

13 – 15 years

Joel IrelandUKVirtual Silver1st
Anna JansNetherlandsVirtual Silver2nd
Anastasiya MirzoyanRussiaVirtual Bronze3rd
Ava O’SheaIrelandVirtual Bronze
Georgia BostockUnited KingdomVirtual Bronze
Anna PlisRussiaVirtual Bronze
Cemile AhmetUKVirtual Bronze
Daria EfimovaRussiaVirtual Merit
Phoebe RitchieUKVirtual Merit
Efeomo ItuaUKNot to Schedule

Class F – Cookies

13 – 15 years

Alina SydorchukUkraineVirtual Gold1st
Diana GofmanGermanyVirtual Gold2nd
Олеся РуденкоMoldovaVirtual Bronze3rd
Joel IrelandUKVirtual Bronze
Cemile AhmetUKVirtual Merit
Efeomo ItuaUKNot to Schedule

Class G – A single tier 6” cake “My Favourite Animal”

10 – 12 years

Alina HirdaramaniSri LankaVirtual Gold1st
Margarita VishnevskayaRussiaVirtual Gold2nd
Elizaveta VishnevskayaRussiaVirtual Silver3rd
Alexis KaimerGermanyVirtual Silver
Elizabeth ChiuUKVirtual Silver
Angelina WeberGermanyVirtual Silver
Magdalina IvanovaRussiaVirtual Silver
Elina AntonovaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Sandara PesterevaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Leah KeoghIrelandVirtual Bronze
Leon BuchholzGermanyVirtual Bronze
Enas Medhat Abdelrakhman Hassanen BeshrEgyptVirtual Bronze
Maria-Christina SpringerGermanyVirtual Bronze
Alesya PiniginaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Sayana AyanitovaRussiaVirtual Merit
Sandaara KrivoshapkinaRussiaVirtual Merit
Lucy BuckettUKVirtual Merit
Grigory DychkinRussiaVirtual Merit
Polina AkishinaRussiaVirtual Merit
Simren KariaUKVirtual Merit
Naryiaana SivtsevaRussiaVirtual Merit
Jayana Ashong-BoatengUKVirtual Merit
Eleanor ChownsUKVirtual Merit
Eve HerskovitsUKNo Award
Zoe SaldanhaUKNo Award
Olivia BarthSwitzerlandNo Award
Aurnia Lavelle HayesIrelandNo Award
Isobel CheesmanUKNo Award
Faye Hession JordanIrelandNo Award
Stephanie KaliazinSouth AfricaNot to Schedule
Elisabeth BondarevGermanyNot to Schedule
Yusairah PatelUKNot to Schedule
Elizaveta KonevtsevaRussiaNot to Schedule
Isabell SchillertGermanyNot to Schedule
Tasfia HuqBangladeshNot to Schedule
Darja FeilerGermanyNot to Schedule
Avishka SinghUKNot to Schedule
Milan KhodzhaevaRussiaNot to Schedule
scarlett TrainorUKNot to Schedule
Isla SherwoodUnited KingdomNot to Schedule

Class H – A Display of Cupcakes

10 – 12 years

Yeva HovhannisyanRussiaVirtual Silver1st
Nika BannikovaRussiaVirtual Silver2nd
Mariya MozgovayaUkraineVirtual Bronze3rd
Nikol KrasnovidovaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Sandara PesterevaRussiaVirtual Merit
Valeria BorovinskikhRussiaVirtual Merit
Dominic VillafuertePhilippinesVirtual Merit
Naryiaana SivtsevaRussiaVirtual Merit
Leah KeoghIrelandVirtual Merit
Anumita RavikumarUKVirtual Merit
Sabriya AhmetSwedenNo Award
Alina ManskovaRussiaNo Award
Holly BagshawUnited KingdomNo Award
Светлана КсенияBelarusNo Award
Isabelle VellacottUKNo Award

Class I – Cupcakes

7 – 9 years

Sofia SafronovaRussiaVirtual Gold1st
Matvej MozgovojUkraineVirtual Gold2nd
Herda ShmatokUkraineVirtual Bronze3rd
Fabien TarentoFranceVirtual Bronze
Ekaterina YaroslavtsevaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Shahmir AkhtarIrelandVirtual Bronze
Varvara IshinaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Kira GorkovaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Olga PrudnikovaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Varvara RubinaBelarusVirtual Bronze
JingHong HuangTaiwanVirtual Bronze
Anna VolkovaRussiaVirtual Merit
Pio CalungcaguinPhilippinesVirtual Merit
Abrielle Clare ValdesPhilippinesVirtual Merit
Maria KostyuchenkoRussiaVirtual Merit
Polina RamazanovaRussiaVirtual Merit
Adyaan SadiqUnited KingdomVirtual Merit
Amari Ashong-BoatengUKVirtual Merit
Alice CrabbeUnited KingdomNo Award
Martha OgdenUKNo Award
Sophie LiddleUKNo Award
Eva KislitsynaRussiaNot to Schedule

Class J – A single tier cake “My Best Friend”

7 – 9 years

Eva KrasnovidovaRussiaVirtual Gold1st
Alisa AyrikhRussiaVirtual Silver2nd
Anna FedorovychUkraineVirtual Silver3rd
Zlata MedvedevaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Ellie EnglandUKVirtual Bronze
Anastasia YanbekovaKazakhstanVirtual Bronze
Pio CalungcaguinPhilippinesVirtual Bronze
Safiya AhmetSwedenVirtual Bronze
Melodie-Eve HuskUKVirtual Bronze
Tillie HamiltonUnited KingdomVirtual Bronze
Milana PereiraRussiaVirtual Bronze
Abrielle Clare ValdesPhilippinesVirtual Merit
Fairfax ter AverstUKVirtual Merit
Johanna SchillertGermanyVirtual Merit
Luna OgdenUKVirtual Merit
Nathan TrybulecUKVirtual Merit
Jasper ter AverstUKVirtual Merit
Anna KaliazinSouth AfricaNot to Schedule
Timur OrlovskiyRussiaNot to Schedule
Anastasia NikishinaRussiaNot to Schedule
Margarita ValanciuteSwedenNot to Schedule
Sophia CernomorecGermanyNot to Schedule
Karolina SobakinaRussiaNot to Schedule
Sophie VerkoelenNetherlandsNot to Schedule
Irina GodunRussiaNot to Schedule
Skye SherwoodUnited KingdomNot to Schedule

Class K – Modelling – “My Toy”

Under 7 years

Veronika KharchenkoRussiaVirtual Gold1st
Veronika DasaevaRussiaVirtual Gold2nd
Edvinas VorobjovasFranceVirtual Silver3rd
Daniil ZotovRussiaVirtual Silver
Ivanka ZharkoUkraineVirtual Silver
Daniil NaumenkoRussiaVirtual Silver
Ekaterina NikishinaRussiaVirtual Silver
Harmonie-Rose HuskUKVirtual Silver
Oskar ParrUKVirtual Bronze
Sergey PlatonovRussiaVirtual Bronze
Marie TarentoFranceVirtual Bronze
Dmitriy VasilievRussiaVirtual Bronze
Ahana SkandanarayananUSAVirtual Bronze
Eugenia GodunRussiaVirtual Bronze
ANVISHA SINGHUnited KingdomVirtual Bronze
Zlata SalihovaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Eva KrasnovidovaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Kirill MaloletkovRussiaVirtual Bronze
Arina ShaplykovaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Victoria TarentoFranceVirtual Merit
Nikol KrasnovidovaRussiaVirtual Merit
Nyla Ashong-BoatengUKVirtual Merit
Eryn MunnellyUKVirtual Merit
Alexander BorovinskikhRussiaVirtual Merit
Evie EnglandUKVirtual Merit
Arina van de LuijtgaardenNetherlandsVirtual Merit
Darina LobovichRussiaVirtual Merit
Eesa KhanUKVirtual Merit