Junior Competition Results Autumn 2023

Junior Best in Show
Tzu Ting Peng

Thank you to absolutely everyone who entered

We were overwhelmed by the number, and impossibly high standard of entries. Well done to everyone who took part in the world’s most exciting sugarcraft and cake decorating competition.

HUGE congratulations to everyone who won an award – you can find the full list of winners below.

We hope to see you all at the next Cake International!


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Please note if your name is not listed then unfortunately your entry has received no award or was not to schedule. Please await your feedback sheet from the judges which will provide further information.

BIRTHDAY CAKE – restricted to young people between 10 and 16 years of age.


Tzu Ting Peng
1st Place

Eden Crews
2nd Place

Olivia Stanton
3rd Place

Tzu Ting PengTaiwanGold1st
EdenCrewsUnited KingdomGold2nd
OliviaStantonUnited KingdomSilver3rd
IsobelDayUnited KingdomSilver
Yu jie LiTaiwanSilver
LibbyShelbourne United KingdomSilver
AnnabelleEwan United KingdomSilver
Ava Coffield United KingdomSilver
Hayleyvan BallegooyenUnited KingdomSilver
BethanCanhamUnited KingdomBronze
EmiliaHandleyUnited KingdomBronze
ImogenSandersonUnited KingdomBronze
EllaHopkins-CrossUnited KingdomBronze
TaylorFordUnited KingdomMerit
IsobelSmithUnited KingdomMerit
NicoleWalshUnited KingdomMerit
MadelineSmithUnited KingdomMerit
PaigeQueenUnited KingdomMerit
Eric GeraldEsleyerUnited KingdomMerit
Amelie Clifford United KingdomMerit
Michaela WinsorUnited KingdomMerit
Nicholas BurnsUnited KingdomMerit
ManyaShahUnited KingdomMerit
JessicaWinsorUnited KingdomMerit

BIRTHDAY CAKE – restricted to young people 9 years and under


Tiffany Delev
1st Place

Logan Fox
2nd Place

Ivy Belcher
3rd Place

Tiffany Delev United KingdomGold1st
LoganFoxUnited KingdomSilver2nd
IvyBelcherUnited KingdomSilver3rd
OliviaOpolnieceUnited KingdomSilver
ClementineBarkerUnited KingdomSilver
River EmmettUnited KingdomBronze
LukeWinsorUnited KingdomBronze
PhoebeJonesUnited KingdomMerit
Mollie-raeNorthwood United KingdomMerit