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The world’s largest cake competition

Open for anyone – of any age and experience – to enter. This competition has launched careers and is truly the heart of Cake International. If you love cake decorating and cake art, then join us and celebrate the ever-evolving skills and creativity of cake decorators across the globe!

Who can enter?

Other than age restricted categories – anyone is welcome to enter! You do not need to be a professional cake decorator and entry is open to UK and international entrants.

How do I enter?

Submit an entry form online and then be ready to bring your entry to the show as indicated. It’s that simple!

Why enter?

This is your time to shine, showcase your skills and wow the world with your creativity! This competition has kick-started careers and transformed lives – so why wait?

Whether you’re a novice to cake decorating and sugarcraft or have been creating masterpieces for years; don’t miss your opportunity to enter the Cake International competition. This is your time to shine, showcase your skills and wow the world with your creativity!



 Entry for Birmingham 2019 is now open. Use the grey top menu to enter, see prizes and check results. 

NEC November 2018 Winners


Xian Wei Yeo 
Best in Show
Birmingham 2018

Sienna Bull
Junior Best in Show
Birmingham 2018

NEC November 2017 Winners


Gregoire Goel
Best in Show
Birmingham 2017

Yi Zhou
International Best in Show
Birmingham 2017

Chih-Yun Wu
Junior Best in Show
Birmingham 2017

Arina Van Driel
Masterclass Award of Excellence
Birmingham 2017

‘Best in Show’ Roll of Honour


Xian Wei Yeo (NEC Autumn, 2018) · Gregoire Goel (NEC Autumn, 2017)
Nivia Maria Rodrigues de Melo (London, 2017) · Karen Keaney (NEC Spring, 2017)
Anjali Tambde (NEC Autumn, 2016) · Dawn Butler (London, 2016) · Victoria Taylor (NEC Spring, 2016)
Katerina Schneider (NEC, 2015) · Rhu Strand (London, 2015) · Hayley Wisken (Manchester, 2015)
Rita D’Ascenzo (Manchester, 2014) · Jacqui Kelly (London, 2014) · Rita D’Ascenzo (NEC November, 2014)
Vicki Smith (Manchester, 2013) · Sandra Mitchell (London, 2013) · Rose Macefield (NEC November, 2013)
Terry Tang (London, 2012) · Nick Smith (NEC, 2012)
Elaine Thomas (NEC, 2011) · Sandra Grice (NEC, 2010) · Susan Tarran (NEC, 2009) · Barbara Fox (NEC, 2008) · Susan Tarran (NEC, 2007) · Sandra Maria Clennell (NEC, 2006) · Elizabeth Fundell (NEC, 2005) · Risa Kuriyama (NEC, 2004) · Carole Evans (NEC, 2003) · Jan Thorpe (NEC, 2002) · Nik Holmes (NEC, 2001) · Toshie Harahima (NEC, 2000) · Jan Thorpe (NEC, 1999)



“I haven’t looked back since winning Best in Show,
my advice to anyone thinking of entering a competition is don’t put it off, because it can change your life!”

– Rhu Strand
Best in Show Winner · ‘Lola The Sugar Show Girl’

“It’s so worth taking part, the orders have flowed
in since last weekend! Give it a go You can do it too!!


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