CI Carnival Competition Results Summer 2021


Best in Show – Judges’ Vote

Yuliya Kashina



Head Judge’s Special Commendation

Lam Ngoc Tran



Best in Show – Public Vote

Cecilia Campana



Thank you to absolutely everyone who entered.

We were overwhelmed by the number, and impossibly high standard of entries. Well done to everyone who took part in the world’s most exciting sugarcraft and cake decorating competition.

HUGE congratulations to everyone who won an award – you can find the full list of winners below.

We hope to see you all at the next Cake International!


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Please note if your name is not listed then unfortunately your entry has received no award or was not to schedule. Please await your feedback sheet from the judges which will provide further information.


The category finalists are:


‘Summer’ Floral Exhibit

Zari Khalaj

United States

Wafer Paper Flowers



Floral Inspirations

Zheng Ma Qing Yun


Royal Iced Decorated Cookies

Yuliya Kashina



3D Display of Cookies

Tatiana Kvashnina


Any edible medium decorated cookies

Римма Зиновьева


Decorated Plaque

Yulia Bunnell


Display of Cupcakes

Julie Hodson-Walker

United Kingdom


Sculpted/Carved cake

Brittany Walker

United States

Decorative Exhibit

Inna Sapegina


Decorative Exhibit figures or busts

Olga Zhukova


Small Decorative Exhibit

Татьяна Холодцова


‘On The Beach’ up to 3 tiers

Olga Hirdaramani

Sri Lanka

Head Judge’s Wild Card – ‘Carnivals & Festivals’

Tatiana Kharchenko


Single Tiered Celebration Cake

Karen Rowley

United Kingdom

Wedding Cake of 2 or More Tiers

Cecilia Campana


Colourful Wedding Cake of 2 or More Tiers

Bich Van Phan



刘 莉


Hand Painted Cake




Class A – ‘Summer’ Floral Exhibit

Zari KhalajUnited StatesVirtual Gold1ST
Nermeen Sayed HashemEgyptVirtual Gold2ND
Natalia LupychUkraineVirtual Silver3RD
Ayomi YapaAustraliaVirtual Silver
HENDRIKA BOSMANSouth AfricaVirtual Silver
Crisal DimalantaPhilippinesVirtual Silver
Erika Amelia ErsekRomaniaVirtual Silver
Paulette StewartCanadaVirtual Bronze
Gu Jia WeiChinaVirtual Bronze
Hend TahaEgyptVirtual Bronze
Kristy PratiesUnited KingdomVirtual Merit
YU CHIEH WUTaiwanVirtual Merit

Class AA – Wafer Paper Flowers

LAM NGOC TRANVietnamVirtual Gold1ST
Haoying ZhangChinaVirtual Silver2ND
Xinyu LiuChinaVirtual Silver3RD
Bo WangChinaVirtual Silver
Gu Jia WeiChinaVirtual Silver
Suni ZhangChinaVirtual Bronze
Xu Xiao ChenChinaVirtual Bronze
YU CHIEH WUTaiwanVirtual Bronze
Qiaoer JianChinaVirtual Merit
Yuk King YuenHong KongVirtual Merit
Ge Shuai BoChinaVirtual Merit
Sang QingChinaVirtual Merit
Ji JingChinaVirtual Merit

Class B – Floral Inspirations

Zheng Ma Qing YunChinaVirtual Gold1ST
Inessa ABAKUMOVARussiaVirtual Silver2ND
Geetha SriskanthaUnited KingdomVirtual Silver3RD
Pura MacalinaoUnited KingdomVirtual Silver
He Yi FanChinaVirtual Bronze
Pura MacalinaoUnited KingdomVirtual Bronze
JASMIN CATOLOSPhilippinesVirtual Bronze
Erika Amelia ErsekRomaniaVirtual Bronze
DR RB SudhaIndiaVirtual Merit
Larisa FernandesIndiaVirtual Merit
Sara ReedUKVirtual Merit

Class C – Royal Iced Decorated Cookies

Yuliya KashinaUkraineVirtual Gold1ST
涂 君芳TaiwanVirtual Gold2ND
TingJia ChenMalaysiaVirtual Gold3RD
YUWEN GUChinaVirtual Gold
Chikako KamadaJapanVirtual Silver
Yi Yun ChienTaiwanVirtual Silver
Ying LuoChinaVirtual Bronze
Wan Ting ChanMalaysiaVirtual Bronze
Tan Ya YauTaiwanVirtual Merit
Anna TarentoFranceVirtual Merit

Class D – 3D Display of Cookies

Tatiana KvashninaRussiaVirtual Gold1ST
Iris NovakovaUkraineVirtual Gold2ND
Anna NaumenkoRussiaVirtual Gold3RD
Julia TorshynaFinlandVirtual Gold
Elena GolovinaRussiaVirtual Gold
Nasrin MoolianiGermanyVirtual Silver
Ирина ДобровольскаяRussiaVirtual Silver
Elena TroxlerRussiaVirtual Silver
Yukiko MereiAustraliaVirtual Silver
Pei Jo HsuTaiwanVirtual Bronze
Madalina Gina RaicuBelgiumVirtual Bronze
Li Shu-JuTaiwanVirtual Bronze
Zhanna KrasnovidovaRussiaVirtual Merit
Mika BurksUnited StatesVirtual Merit
Veronika YanbekovaVirtual Merit

Class DD – Any edible medium decorated cookies

Римма ЗиновьеваKyrgyzstanVirtual Gold1ST
Yulia BunnellUSAVirtual Silver2ND
Hsu Hsin YiTaiwanVirtual Bronze3RD
Chun Ju LinTaiwanVirtual Bronze
Маргарита ЕлисееваRussiaVirtual Merit

Class E – Decorated Plaque

Yulia BunnellUSAVirtual Bronze1ST
Yulia BunnellUSAVirtual Bronze2ND
Manisha KaurIndiaVirtual Bronze3RD
PEI CHING WUTaiwanVirtual Merit
Chun Ju LinTaiwanVirtual Merit
Cheng ChaoChinaVirtual Merit
Hend TahaEgyptVirtual Merit

Class F – Display of Cupcakes

Julie Hodson-WalkerUnited KingdomVirtual Silver1ST
Fathima Shifnaz IrshadUKVirtual Silver2ND
Wang Yu FeiChinaVirtual Silver3RD
Rebecca MackenzieUKVirtual Silver
Manuela CantùItalyVirtual Silver
Xu Li LingChinaVirtual Merit
Rachael LapageUnited KingdomVirtual Merit
Hsu Hsin YiTaiwanVirtual Merit
CHIACHEN TSAITaiwanVirtual Merit
Gianina OngPhilippinesVirtual Merit

Class G – Sculpted/Carved cake

Brittany WalkerUnited StatesVirtual Silver1st
Magda PietkiewiczUnited KingdomVirtual Bronze2nd
Rachel StocktonUKVirtual Bronze3rd
Lyudmila GavrilenkoRussiaVirtual Bronze
Reshma AlexanderIndiaVirtual Merit
Julia VasilievaRussiaVirtual Merit
Claire LoversidgeUnited KingdomVirtual Merit
Tracey P MckayUnited KingdomVirtual Merit

Class H – Decorative Exhibit

Inna SapeginaRussiaVirtual Gold1st
Elena SorokinaRussiaVirtual Gold2nd
SUSANA XUE LIUBrazilVirtual Silver3rd
Sogol Ebrahim TariUnited KingdomVirtual Bronze
Hanna TkachenkoUkraineVirtual Bronze
Михеева НадеждаRussiaVirtual Bronze
Reshma AlexanderIndiaVirtual Merit
Jason KeenanUnited KingdomVirtual Merit
YUE YONG HENGMalaysiaVirtual Merit
Maryam BeheshtiUnited KingdomVirtual Merit

Class I – Decorative Exhibit figures or busts

Olga ZhukovaRussiaVirtual Gold1ST
Irina DobryninaRussiaVirtual Gold2ND
Emilie Van Der VlietFranceVirtual Bronze3rd
Marzieh ZouhmandIranVirtual Bronze
Churukova AlenaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Tymoshenko Al'onaItalyVirtual Bronze
Sandra SmileyUnited StatesVirtual Bronze
Sue WainwrightUnited KingdomVirtual Merit
Inna KhodyrevaRussiaVirtual Merit
Eva KlincSloveniaVirtual Merit
Irina ShabanBelarusVirtual Merit
Kristin ClarkUnited KingdomVirtual Merit
Sonia De AngelisItalyVirtual Merit
Becky GrahamCanadaVirtual Merit
Zahra EstakhrIranVirtual Merit
Елена АверьяноваRussiaVirtual Merit

Class J – Small Decorative Exhibit

Татьяна ХолодцоваRussiaVirtual Gold1st
Sue WainwrightUnited KingdomVirtual Bronze2nd
Tymoshenko Al'onaItalyVirtual Bronze3rd
Su Ding KaiChinaVirtual Bronze
Jason KeenanUnited KingdomVirtual Merit
michael wehrmannFranceVirtual Merit
Gong Li SiChinaVirtual Merit
Виктория БондарьRussiaVirtual Merit
Tatiana TolstykhRussiaVirtual Merit

Class K – ‘On The Beach’ up to 3 tiers

Olga HirdaramaniSri LankaVirtual Gold1ST
Soraya HutchinsonUSAVirtual Silver2ND
Stephanie JardineUnited KingdomVirtual Bronze3RD
Lam Ngoc TranVietnamVirtual Gold
Hiromi ShikijiJapanVirtual Merit

Class L – Head Judge’s Wild Card – ‘Carnivals & Festivals’

Tatiana KharchenkoRussiaVirtual Gold1ST
Anna KatsikopoulouGreeceVirtual Gold2ND
Teresa AraujoCanadaVirtual Silver3RD
sujung shinSouth KoreaVirtual Silver
CHIACHEN TSAITaiwanVirtual Silver
Stephanie HalliwellUnited KingdomVirtual Silver

Class M – Royal Iced Celebration Cake of 1, 2 or 3 tiers


No entries in this category.

Class N – Single Tiered Celebration Cake

Karen RowleyUnited KingdomVirtual Gold1ST
Reshma AlexanderIndiaVirtual Silver3RD
Karen RowleyUnited KingdomVirtual Silver
Wan Peng TanSingaporeVirtual Bronze
YU CHIEH WUTaiwanVirtual Bronze
Yuhui XieUnited KingdomVirtual Merit
Renata AdamskaUnited KingdomVirtual Merit

Class O – Wedding Cake of 2 or More Tiers

Cecilia CampanaItalyVirtual Silver1ST
Ľubica KočalkováSlovakiaVirtual Silver2ND
Janky ThamMalaysiaVirtual Silver3RD
Sun Shi JieChinaVirtual Silver
JIAXIN QIUChinaVirtual Silver
Jao ChinglanTaiwanVirtual Bronze
Oxana WagnerGermanyVirtual Bronze
Zhou RanChinaVirtual Bronze
Zsuzsanna MoserSwitzerlandVirtual Bronze
Zhuzhanna LenyikUnited KingdomVirtual Bronze
Pinkle SachdevIndiaVirtual Bronze
Nilusha DahanayakeUnited KingdomVirtual Merit
PIN JEN CHUTaiwanVirtual Merit
Aileen ZamoraPhilippinesVirtual Merit

Class P – Colourful Wedding Cake of 2 or More Tiers

Bich Van PhanGermanyVirtual Gold1st
Silvia PawlowskaSwedenVirtual Silver2nd
Liliia KuiunUkraineVirtual Silver3rd
Monti AgarwalIndiaVirtual Silver
Zuzana BezakovaSlovakiaVirtual Silver
LAM NGOC TRANVietnamVirtual Silver
Shih-Shan ChengAustraliaVirtual Bronze
Sowmya RamamoorthiIndiaVirtual Merit

Class Q – Beginners

刘 莉ChinaVirtual Silver1ST
Stephanie HalliwellUnited KingdomVirtual Bronze2ND
Winnie PengUnited StatesVirtual Merit3RD

Class R – Hand Painted Cake

Ekaterina MOCHIKHINARussiaVirtual Silver1ST
Madalina Gina RaicuBelgiumVirtual Bronze3RD
Yulia BunnellUSAVirtual Bronze
Hengameh RezaeiUnited KingdomVirtual Merit
Emiliya-Olga AyrikhRussiaVirtual Merit
Nirupama KrishnaIndiaVirtual Merit