CI Virtual Edition Competition Results Spring 2021


Best in Show – Judges’ Vote
Silviya Jankowski – 3D Display of Cookies


Thank you to absolutely everyone who entered.

We were overwhelmed by the number, and impossibly high standard of entries. Well done to everyone who took part in the world’s most exciting sugarcraft and cake decorating competition.

HUGE congratulations to everyone who won an award – you can find the full list of winners below.

We hope to see you all at the next Cake International!


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Please note if your name is not listed then unfortunately your entry has received no award or was not to schedule. Please await your feedback sheet from the judges which will provide further information.


Best in Show – Public Vote
Ying-Hsin Sung – Decorated Plaque


The category finalists are:


Floral Exhibit

Bo Wang


Wafer Paper Flowers

YuHan Xiao


Floral Inspirations

Ebru Eskalan


Royal Iced Decorated Cookies

Mariko Ishiguro



3D Display of Cookies

Silviya Jankowski


Any Edible Decorated Cookies

Irina Vorsina


Decorated Plaque




Chris Marie Sacro



Decorative Exhibit

Angela Penta


Decorative Exhibit – Figure Busts

Tatyana Kholodtcova


Small Decorative Exhibit

Inna Lane


Head Judges Wild Card

Svetlana Poltorak



Royal Iced Celebration

Olga Nadyshneva


Single Tiered Celebration Cake

Karen Rowley


Wedding Cake

Ľubica Kočalková


Colourful Wedding Cake

Shweta Bhargava




Yu-Ru Huang


Hand Painted Cake

Louise Heathers



Class A – Floral Exhibit

Bo WangChinaVirtual Gold1ST
Nataliia LupychUkraineVirtual Gold
Mabel Stella AbrahamAustraliaVirtual Gold
Georgescu CristinaRomaniaVirtual Gold
Barbara GergelyHungaryVirtual Silver
Zahra KhalajUSAVirtual Silver
Saritha SheregarIndiaVirtual Silver
Orsolya Smukné KomádiHungaryVirtual Silver
YuHan XiaoChinaVirtual Silver
SWETA DALMIAIndiaVirtual Silver
Nesrin Gürses DinçTurkeyVirtual Silver
Miriam PearsonIrelandVirtual Silver
ZhaoTao GuoChinaVirtual Bronze
SIO YEOW HUIMalaysiaVirtual Bronze
Albena BoshnakovaBulgariaVirtual Bronze
Gabriela KopeFranceVirtual Bronze
Lajosné MódHungaryVirtual Bronze
Gillian CookUKVirtual Merit
Olga ProkhorenkovaRussiaVirtual Merit
Nanako YoshidaJapanVirtual Merit
Winny ChoiChinaVirtual Merit

Class AA – Wafer Paper Flowers

YuHan XiaoChinaVirtual Silver1ST
Lin ZhouChinaVirtual Silver
Natalia PertliRussiaVirtual Silver
Christina GoritsaRussiaVirtual Silver
SHEN-HUA LANTaiwanVirtual Silver
Hao YuChinaVirtual Bronze
Si Xiao LiChinaVirtual Bronze
Mabel Stella AbrahamAustraliaVirtual Bronze
Bo WangChinaVirtual Merit

Class B – Floral Inspirations

Ebru EskalanTurkeyVirtual Silver1ST
Mabel Stella AbrahamAustraliaVirtual Silver
Nesrin Gürses DinçTurkeyVirtual Silver
Georgescu CristinaRomaniaVirtual Silver
Xin LiuChinaVirtual Bronze
Veranika SmetankoBelarusVirtual Bronze
Tetyana OlyiyevskaCanadaVirtual Bronze
Tetyana OlyiyevskaCanadaVirtual Bronze
Diana GoodIrelandVirtual Merit
Victoria OrlovaUkraineVirtual Merit
YuHan XiaoChinaVirtual Merit
Deffy KwokChinaVirtual Merit
Ho Yi ChengTaiwanVirtual Merit

Class C – Royal Iced Decorated Cookies

Mariko IshiguroJapanVirtual Gold1ST
Iryna FinashynaGreeceVirtual Gold
Sofiya KomovaRussiaVirtual Gold
Albina NastenkoRussiaVirtual Gold
Aurelia Patigler-DäscherSwitzerlandVirtual Gold
Evgeniya BrunsteinGermanyVirtual Gold
Megumi OhmoriJapanVirtual Gold
Michelle Ko-Yun ChangTaiwanVirtual Gold
Rika ShirahamaJapanVirtual Gold
Sachie ShigemasaJapanVirtual Silver
Eriko MiyawakiJapanVirtual Silver
Sakura NISHIOKAJapanVirtual Silver
Ayumi NishiokaJapanVirtual Silver
Nozomi OtsukaJapanVirtual Bronze
chan Wan TingMalaysiaVirtual Bronze
Nozomi TamuraJapanVirtual Bronze
Wan Peng TanSingaporeVirtual Bronze
Ann ShanthiratnamUKVirtual Merit
Miki UedaJapanVirtual Merit
MAYUMI ASANOJapanVirtual Merit
Ayaka TsutsumiJapanVirtual Merit

Class D – 3D Display of Cookies

Silviya JankowskiUKVirtual Gold1ST
Nataliya IsmailovaEgyptVirtual Gold
Lena ZibertUkraineVirtual Gold
Rika ShirahamaJapanVirtual Gold
Iris NovakovaUkraineVirtual Gold
Nataliya IsmailovaEgyptVirtual Silver
Anna NaumenkoRussiaVirtual Silver
YING CHUN LUTaiwanVirtual Silver
Ayumi NishiokaJapanVirtual Silver
Alena BelovaRussiaVirtual Silver
WAI FON WONGMalaysiaVirtual Bronze
Natalia MaslovaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Lidiya MaloletkovaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Anna KrylovaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Mika BurksUSAVirtual Bronze
Viktoriia PyelyenkoUkraineVirtual Merit
Katano YoshimiJapanVirtual Merit

Class DD – Any Edible Decorated Cookies

Irina VorsinaRussiaVirtual Gold1ST
Ayaka TsutsumiJapanVirtual Silver
MAIKO KOMUROJapanVirtual Silver
Margarita EliseevaRussiaVirtual Silver
Katano YoshimiJapanVirtual Bronze

Class E – Decorated Plaque

YING-HSIN SUNGTaiwanVirtual Gold1ST
Irina BelokrenitskayRussiaVirtual Gold
Ana RemígioPortugalVirtual Gold
Carolina SolisChileVirtual Gold
Emilie Van Der VlietFranceVirtual Silver
KATRINA MANDINGQatarVirtual Bronze
Hend TahaEgyptVirtual Bronze
Melinda JibyIndiaVirtual Merit

Class F – Cupcakes

Chris Marie SacroQatarVirtual Silver1ST
PEI-TING CAITaiwanVirtual Silver
Satsuki KasakuraJapanVirtual Silver
Sabrina JiffrySingaporeVirtual Silver
Anna KalinichenkoRussiaVirtual Bronze
Silviya JankowskiUKVirtual Silver
Selin DawesUKVirtual Merit
Hend TahaEgyptVirtual Merit
CHIH-YU HSUTaiwanVirtual Merit
Raluca TircomnicuRomaniaVirtual Merit
Cheryl GaultonUKVirtual Merit
Farkhanda KaleemSaudi ArabiaVirtual Merit
En-Yun WangTaiwanVirtual Merit
GENG HONG CHENTaiwanVirtual Merit
SHEN-HUA LANTaiwanVirtual Merit
Rebecca MackenzieUKVirtual Merit
TING-HSUAN YUTaiwanVirtual Merit
Katano YoshimiJapanVirtual Merit
Ann ShanthiratnamUKVirtual Merit
JUN-YU ZHONGTaiwanVirtual Merit
Katano YoshimiJapanVirtual Merit
Akila EdwardUKVirtual Merit
Shih-Shan ChengTaiwanVirtual Merit
Miki UedaJapanVirtual Merit

Class G – Sculpted Carved Cake

Olha BudarinaUkraineVirtual Bronze
Emilie ToselloFranceVirtual Bronze
Georgia HarrisUKVirtual Bronze
Nadezhda PlatonovaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Victoria WhiteUKVirtual Merit
Magda PietkiewiczUKVirtual Merit
Lisa BentleyUKVirtual Merit
Christine PattleUKVirtual Merit
Marina KaimerGermanyVirtual Merit
Reshma AlexanderIndiaVirtual Merit
Elena SorokinaRussiaVirtual Merit
Meriem FalekAlgeriaVirtual Merit
Natalia SchmittGermanyVirtual Merit
Margit CsizmadiaIrelandVirtual Merit
Valeriya VozchikovaRussiaVirtual Merit
Nastase Adina ClaudiaSpainVirtual Merit
Hannah LeonardUKVirtual Merit
laura osborneUKVirtual Merit
Claire LoversidgeUKVirtual Merit
Jeffrey SharpUSAVirtual Merit
Bolla ZoltánnéHungaryVirtual Merit

Class H – Decorative Exhibit

Angela PentaItalyVirtual Gold1ST
Inna SapeginaRussiaVirtual Gold
Tetiana NagornaUkraineVirtual Gold
Elena SorokinaRussiaVirtual Silver
Samar EhabEgyptVirtual Silver
Valentina ProvalenovaRussiaVirtual Silver
Ana RemígioPortugalVirtual Silver
VIKTORIA BONDARRussiaVirtual Bronze
Nadezhda PlatonovaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Reshma AlexanderIndiaVirtual Bronze
Al'ona TymoshenkoItalyVirtual Bronze
Stefanie GenhoferBelgiumVirtual Bronze
Thelma LundinSwedenVirtual Bronze
Juliana RomeroColombiaVirtual Bronze
Marharyta PankevichBelarusVirtual Bronze
Eva LopesPortugalVirtual Bronze
Natalia NikitinaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Marina KaimerGermanyVirtual Merit
Janky ThamMalaysiaVirtual Merit
Zahraa FayyadEgyptVirtual Merit
Nirupama KrishnaIndiaVirtual Merit

Class I – Decorative Exhibit – Figure Busts

Tatyana KholodtcovaRussiaVirtual Gold1ST
Oksana LogachevaRussiaVirtual Gold
Goda LAIVYTEUKVirtual Gold
Tatyana TikhonovskayaRussiaVirtual Silver
HUI-CHIN CHANGTaiwanVirtual Silver
Samaneh KarimianIranVirtual Silver
Olga ZhukovaRussiaVirtual Silver
Kseniia GorshkovaRussiaVirtual Silver
Volha HatoukaBelarusVirtual Silver
Al'ona TymoshenkoItalyVirtual Silver
Nadezhda MikheevaRussiaVirtual Silver
Lyz VyacheslavRussiaVirtual Bronze
Fabiola Kramer JansenBrazilVirtual Bronze
Ssu-Hung WuTaiwanVirtual Bronze
Elena AveryanovaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Jia Xuan LinTaiwanVirtual Bronze
Jason KeenanUKVirtual Bronze
Churukova AlenaRussiaVirtual Bronze
YinTzu LiaoTaiwanVirtual Merit
Irina BelokrenitskayRussiaVirtual Merit
Anastasiya LakinaRussiaVirtual Merit
Romina NovellinoItalyVirtual Merit
WEI-HSUN KUTaiwanVirtual Merit
Natalia NikitinaRussiaVirtual Merit
Fatima SadykovaRussiaVirtual Merit
Nadiya LehanNetherlandsVirtual Merit
Lei ChenTaiwanVirtual Merit
Marina KaimerGermanyVirtual Merit
Imee rose OzdemirogluQatarVirtual Merit
Elena DmitrievaRussiaVirtual Merit
Yulia AvrushkinaLatviaVirtual Merit

Class J – Small Decorative Exhibit

Inna LaneRussiaVirtual Gold1ST
YI-FAN CHANGTaiwanVirtual Gold
Ekaterina MatorinaRussiaVirtual Gold
Yuliya LidinaRussiaVirtual Gold
Kharchana IvanovaRussiaVirtual Silver
Churukova AlenaRussiaVirtual Silver
Inna KhodyrevaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Tea TsiklauriItalyVirtual Bronze
Raluca TircomnicuRomaniaVirtual Merit
Michael WehrmannFranceVirtual Merit
Chia Ling ChangTaiwanVirtual Merit
ZHENG DA CAITaiwanVirtual Merit
Olga BlinovaRussiaVirtual Merit
Jason KeenanUKVirtual Merit
Natalya BorodinaRussiaVirtual Merit
Olesya LeshchenkoRussiaVirtual Merit

Class K – 2 Tier Buttercream Cake


No awarded entries in this category.

Class L – Head Judges Wild Card

Svetlana PoltorakRussiaVirtual Gold1ST
Silvia KolevBulgariaVirtual Silver
Jessica BidwellUKVirtual Bronze
Tatiana AmelenkoRussiaVirtual Bronze
Betty CulbertN IrelandVirtual Bronze
Babenko TatyanaRussiaVirtual Merit
Susan SaxbyUKVirtual Merit
Debbie LockUKVirtual Merit
Mo SuttonUKVirtual Merit
Frances JohnsUKVirtual Merit

Class M – Royal Iced Celebration

Olga NadyshnevaRussiaVirtual Gold1ST

Class N – Single Tiered Celebration Cake

Karen RowleyUKVirtual Gold1ST
Karen RowleyUKVirtual Silver
Olga HirdaramaniSri LankaVirtual Silver
Shih-Shan ChengTaiwanVirtual Bronze
Karen RowleyUKVirtual Bronze
Reshma AlexanderIndiaVirtual Bronze
Farkhanda KaleemSaudi ArabiaVirtual Bronze
Chloe FarringtonUKVirtual Merit

Class O – Wedding Cake

Ľubica KočalkováSlovakiaVirtual Silver1ST
Oxana WagnerGermanyVirtual Silver
Anastasia DyachenkoRussiaVirtual Silver
Ekaterina NagumanovaRussiaVirtual Silver
Federico Hedaria IIPhilippinesVirtual Silver
En-Yun WangTaiwanVirtual Bronze
Elena SafonovaRussiaVirtual Bronze
Reece Dudhee-HusseinUKVirtual Bronze
Ľubica KočalkováSlovakiaVirtual Bronze
Geetha SriskanthaUKVirtual Bronze
Nastase Adina ClaudiaSpainVirtual Bronze
Tarryn MeiringSouth AfricaVirtual Bronze
Bonita ElmsUKVirtual Bronze
Tusz-Bakó BrigittaHungaryVirtual Bronze
Silvia PawlowskaSwedenVirtual Bronze
Archana BagriIndiaVirtual Bronze
Kumudinie FernandoUKVirtual Merit
Gabriela KopeFranceVirtual Merit
Pooja SodaniIndiaVirtual Merit
Suzanne HendersonUKVirtual Merit
Michele FarrowUKVirtual Merit
Oxana ShamsullinaRussiaVirtual Merit
Caroline MillsUKVirtual Merit
Irina IvanovaUKVirtual Merit
Coralie FeatherstoneUKVirtual Merit
Elena StarikovaRussiaVirtual Merit
Rebecca GilbourneUKVirtual Merit

Class P – Colourful Wedding Cake

Shweta BhargavaIndiaVirtual Silver1ST
Rebecca GilbourneUKVirtual Bronze
Liliia KuiunUkraineVirtual Bronze
Hiromi ShikijiJapanVirtual Bronze
Shan-chi HuangTaiwanVirtual Bronze
Mark MellorUKVirtual Merit
Shamsullina OxanaRussiaVirtual Merit
Stephanie JardineUKVirtual Merit
Natalia NikitinaRussiaVirtual Merit
Stacey ManleyUKVirtual Merit
Ann ShanthiratnamUKVirtual Merit
Julia MayUKVirtual Merit
Manisha KaurIndiaVirtual Merit

Class Q – Beginners

Yu-Ru HuangTaiwanVirtual Silver1ST
Niculina VeleaUKVirtual Silver
En-Yun WangTaiwanVirtual Silver
Shajia SultanaBangladeshVirtual Bronze
Kaushalya WeerasingheAustriaVirtual Merit

Class R – Hand Painted Cake

Louise HeathersUKVirtual Silver1ST
Sepideh RanjbarIranVirtual Silver
Xelene Orduña GomeroPeruVirtual Silver
Eleonora FilippenkoRussiaVirtual Silver
Tanya ShengarovaBulgariaVirtual Silver
cara maidenUKVirtual Bronze
Ekaterina MOCHIKHINARussiaVirtual Bronze
Yordanka Bekyarova - DelevUKVirtual Merit
Rebecca GilbourneUKVirtual Merit
Monika JustUKVirtual Merit
pallavi karanIndiaVirtual Merit
Kumudinie FernandoUKVirtual Merit
Natalia ArnautovaRussiaVirtual Merit
Lisa FistarolGermanyVirtual Merit
Julia GeigerGermanyVirtual Merit
julie johnsonUKVirtual Merit
Kateryna PlaksiienkoUkraineVirtual Merit
Diana MaierSpainVirtual Merit
Cristina ArévaloPortugalVirtual Merit
Valdinéia Effgen RosaBrazilVirtual Merit