Cake International · Birmingham Spring

Highlights from the last show

NEC, Birmingham

17-19 March 2017

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Karen Keaney


Thank you to absolutely everyone who entered! We were overwhelmed by the number, and impossibly high standard of entries.

Well done to everyone who took part in the world's most exciting sugarcraft and cake decorating competition!

Who else won?


Georgia Ampelakiotou

Highlights from the last show

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International Guest - Dot Klerck

We’re delighted to welcome the supremely talented Dot Klerck! Dot hails from South Africa and honed her skills in art and sculpture before falling into the sugar world. Now an award winning cake artist, Dot travels the world teaching sugar craft but still creates cakes in between classes.

A---Spiderwick Field Guide by Rhianydd Webb

'What is Real?' If adults say not to tell fibs when you tell them about House Brownies, Sprites or Wandering Clumps, come and show them it is true! Inspired by “Arthurs Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You” by Tony Di Terlizzi & ...

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Chocolate Magic By Daniel Diéguez

After the premiere showing of Daniel Diéguez's imposing large scale live feature at Cake International November 16, we are proud to announce a second Chocolate Magic feature with Daniel. Calli Hopper joins Daniel as his guest artist. Watch Daniel and Calli perform "live art" and prepare to be bewitched this weekend with Daniel's Chocolate Magic!

Cake Off 2017: Round One!

Let’s get ready to rumble!!! Cake Off Round 1 takes place at Cake International NEC! See The Welsh Cakes v Sugar Show Productions face off for a chance to make it through to the semi-finals and be crowned Cake Off Team 2017!!! Stepping into the ring is Rhianydd Webb, Cara ...

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Cake International Theatre

We welcome the likes of Barbara Luraschi, Nicola Keysselitz and Isabel Tamargo who will be joining Will Torrent & Rosie Cake Diva in the Cake International Theatre, to tempt audiences with scrumptious recipes, top tips and advice to help improve your baking at home.

A Taste of Sugar mini workshops

The perfect way to get you started in sugarcrafting, A Taste of Sugarcraft workshops are specially designed to help sugarcrafting newcomers and juniors learn cake crafting techniques and enjoy a unique hands-on experience.

Chocolate Genie Workshops

Have a go with Chocolate! Come along and have some fun with our chocolate made easy workshops using freehand techniques.

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Sugar Show Productions Presents: Toy Room

Childhood memories are some of the most precious keepsakes to hold dear to your heart. Sometimes, just one single item can remind us what it felt like to be a child, something that made us smile, something we spent hours with, lost in imagination. Sugar Show ...

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Dr. Oetker

Visit Dr. Oetker’s Beat the Baker theatre and learn how to take your chocolate bakes to the next level. Baking experts Edd Kimber and Juliet Sear will show you how to model chocolate roses or create beautiful chocolate decorations and filigree. Sessions are free but places are limited, on ...

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Cake Competitions

Cake International brings you direct to the heart of the world’s largest cake competition. Gasp at the hundreds and hundreds of pieces from competitors from across the globe, and witness the excitement that comes from competing for the coveted accolades awarded by our judging team, ...

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Cake International Magazine

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Demonstration Theatres

The Demonstration Theatres will host some of the greatest international and UK sugarcrafting, cake decorating and baking talents - see demonstrations from the likes of Natalie Porter, Rhianydd Webb, Karen Keaney and Calli Hopper.






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