Junior Competition – NEC Autumn 2024 | Cake International


NEC Autumn 2024

Back by popular demand the Cake International Junior Competition

This is your chance to have your cake on display at CI on the iconic black table cloths! We are looking for junior cake artists to enter the competition and showcase their skills, with three categories the competition is open to competitors up to 16 years of age.

Juniors of 9 years of age and under are tasked with creating a single tiered cake with an “under the sea” theme! Juniors between 10 – 16 year old are tasked with creating a single tiered cake with a theme of “my favourite thing”, or creating a display of 6 cupcakes.  This is your chance to show off your cake decorating skills in a dedicated competition specifically for our junior competitors and entries cost just £10!


What do I have to do?

  • Choose a category for your age group
  • Read the schedule and the rules
  • Enter the relevant category and make your payment of £10 per entry
  • Start thinking of ideas for your entry!
  • Get creative and start making your cake, don’t forget to follow the schedule to ensure your cake is not disqualified
  • Bring your cake to be on display at Cake International at the NEC!

What’s included in the £10 entry fee?

  • Your cake entry will be judged by the professional Cake International judges at the NEC
  • You will receive a feedback sheet with guidance on how to improve your entry
  • A Cake International competition certificate
  • A chance to win fantastic prizes



3 categories to choose from!


9 years old and under
A Single Tier Cake with an Under the Sea theme
10-16 years old
A single tier cake with a theme of My Favourite Thing
10-16 years old
Six different, individual cupcakes with a unifying theme