The Learning Hub

Welcome to the Cake International Learning Hub Intensives.

These demos are longer and more in depth, providing you with the opportunity to get greater understanding of the techniques used to create such wonderful cakes!  Starting at £35 for 3+ hours of tuition. 



How to access the Learning Hub Intensives?
All of the virtual demos are held on a closed Facebook group and are able to view live, play back at your convenience and are accessible indefinitely (subject to Facebook terms) . 

Once you have bought your ticket to one of the sessions you will receive an email receipt (during working hours) which will then be followed by an email with joining instructions (during working hours).

Cake International cannot be held responsible for the students’ wifi reception when transmitting the demonstrations.  

Each demo is approximately 3+ hours and may be split into two parts.  Please check the dates and times carefully if you wish to join live.  Some may be pre-recorded but the artist will be available in the group during the scheduled time to answer any questions. 

Emily Hankins

Opal Lippakorn