Tracey Rothwell – 14th July @ 19.00 BST


Following the success of her first session, Tracey Rothwell is back in the Business Hub delving back in to the world of Instagram with her follow up session ‘How to grow your brand on Instagram – Part Two’.

Tracey Rothwell is the owner of a highly successful cake business, ‘Little Cherry Cake Company’. She has appeared on TV and has a passion for teaching. Her huge Instagram following with over 54.6k followers contributes to the success of her career and she’s passionate to share her knowledge of brand growth!


Social media is growing by the day, don’t get left behind! 
Part two covers –

  • How to get more engagement on your posts
  • How to use hashtags and their importance
  • Finding out who your audience is and where to find them
  • How to gain new followers organically