2023 Cl Academy Workshops

PLEASE NOTE: Workshops for Cake International 2023 are no longer on sale. Any available spaces will be able to be purchased from the organisers office at the show.

The workshops at Cake International provide you with an opportunity to learn from some of the most talented artists in the cake industry.  In small classroom settings, you receive a hands on learning experience, get exclusive access to techniques, tips and tricks from your tutor of choice.  

Workshops spaces are limited to ensure the very best tuition possible. Every effort is made to move the class along but as each student works at a different speed and/or level, we cannot guarantee you will complete the finished piece in the allotted time.

Full day workshops include lunch and refreshments. All equipment is provided (to be returned at the end of your session). Workshop tickets give you entry to the main show.  

Main Hall


Wafer Paper Art – Textures and Paint  by Beata Tomasiewicz of Petite Pivoine Cakes 

Friday 3rd November 2023 09.00 – 17.30hrs (8.5 hours)

This workshop includes the following techniques – 

  • Wafer paper frills of many kinds
  • Appliques
  • “Old and torn paper effect”
  • Painting
  • Simple flowers

Price: £290.00

Beata discovered her passion for sugarcrafting a few years ago.  Since then she has been exploring and perfecting the techniques of working with edible paper which has become her favourite material to decorate cakes” Techniques learnt:  please note, you will be working with a single tier dummy.  Beata will teach all of her signature techniques: wafer paper frills of many kinds, appliques, “old and torn paper effect”, painting , simple flowers. 

Haathi the Elephant by Hemu Basu

Saturday 4th November 2023 09.00 – 17.30hrs (8.5 hours)

This workshop includes the following techniques –

  • How to make a structure from scratch and with this technique you can make any other structures for smaller cakes
  • How to carve a cake and will give a perfect recipe for sculpted cakes
  • Ganache recipe for sculpted cakes and how to apply it
  • How to use aluminium foil to make structure
  • How to use modelling chocolate and gumpaste
  • How to make Realistic skin texture
  • Sculpting techniques
  • Painting techniques using different colours
  • How to paint realistic eyes 

Price: £290.00

Hemu Basu, originally from India, now resides in Texas USA.  Hemu is well known for her amazing sculptured cakes and unique designs.  Hemu was a finalist on Netflix TV Show “Is It Cake?” and is an ambassador for Satin Ice, Innovative Sugarworks and Sugarin Cake Decor.  It is Hemu’s first time teaching at Cake International.


Ariel Cake with Javier of Luma’s Cake

Friday 3rd November 2023 09.00 – 17.30hrs (8.5 hours)

In this workshop students will learn –

How to paint and draw on sugar paste. What materials are used and how to create Ariel or any other character on cakes

How to prepare and use isomalt for the starfish (Manipulation and Modelling)

How to cover your cake or dummy of sugar paste and achieve perfectly sharp edges

How to achieve 3D effect using modelling techniques

Price: £310.00

The creator behind Luma’s Cake, Javier Azocar is an award-winning cake artist who has been oil painting from the age of seven, until cakes became his new canvas. His first cake in 2011 for his son Lucas’s first birthday then became an opportunity to improve with one objective: amaze them! In 2018, after the huge success of two workshops in Paris, countries around the world have succumbed, from Madrid to Singapore, from Dubai to Kuala Lumpur more than 30 nations have invited Luma’s Cake to teach at their School and more than 3000 peoples have been trained by Javier. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn  the techniques and hidden tricks, and learn from his knowledge in a nice, friendly and fun atmosphere. 


Baby Chick by Carla Puig

Friday 3rd November 2023 09.00 – 17.30hrs (8.5 hours)

This workshops is a fantastic opportunity to learn in a very intimate class limited to just 10 students. You will be taught and get to recreate a piece in Carla’s signature style.

This workshop will teach the following skills –

  • Make an internal structure using dummies
  • Create realistic baby features
  • How to work, sculpt and smooth the modelling chocolate
  • Painting with edible colours
  • Make the final complements using fondant.

Price: £290.00

Carla was born and still lives in Girona, Spain. Carla won Best in Show 2016 at Cake International and since then has taught workshops annually for the show including the spring escape weekend this year. Carla recently completed her art degree specialising in “sculpture techniques”. Being well known for her incredibly realistic facial sculptures, Carla’s love of teaching has taken her all over the world and gained the adoration of many in the cake industry. Carla spends her spare time with her 2 dogs and her husband, usually in that order!


Delicious Dimension With Julia Usher

Friday 3rd November 09.00 – 13.30hrs AND Saturday 4th November 09.00 – 13.30hrs (9 hours)

This workshops is in two parts, running on the mornings of both Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th November, you must be able to attend both parts.  Suitable for all skill levels, some royal icing experience will be helpful however.   Exact designs will vary with available tools and students’ imagination! 

Dimension and texture are the buzzwords in cookie decorating these days, and, for good reason –  they lend so much interest and style to cookies! In this two-part hands-on class spanning two days, Julia will share her signature techniques for adding depth and dimension to cookie designs while students make two richly layered 2-D cookies and a mini version of Julia’s trademark 3-D heart box. On day one, students will outline and flood the cookies and make all of the royal icing and fondant embellishments that need to dry overnight. On day two, cookies will be decorated further with airbrushing, stenciling, stamping, and other techniques, and then assembled with day one’s embellishments into edible works of art! Along the way, students will gain experience in 14-plus decorating and assembly techniques, ranging from airbrushing and stenciling to precision-piping, modeling, and contouring of royal icing.

Techniques covered:

  • Outlining/flooding
  • Standard (flat) royal icing transfers
  • Embossed and contoured royal icing transfers
  • Royal icing shards
  • Royal icing putty (for modeling)
  • Royal icing roses
  • Fondant appliqués
  • Molded cookies
  • Airbrushing/stenciling, both precision-control and shading
  • Rubber-stamping
  • Modeling chocolate ribbons and bows
  • Piecework 2-D assembly
  • Sandwiched 3-D assembly
  • Fondant/modeling chocolate wraps

What students take home: 2 elaborately decorated 2-D cookies similar to those depicted (i.e., dogwood made with contoured royal icing transfers; airbrushed/stenciled and stamped cookie with embossed royal icing transfers, molded cookies, and modeling chocolate bows) and 1 mini 3-D heart box cookie, again similar to those depicted. Exact designs will vary with available tools and students’ imaginations!

Prerequisites: Though Julia’s cookies look elaborate, this class is suitable for all skill levels. Julia will explain every step in detail so that even beginners can follow along. Some experience with royal icing will be helpful, however.

Price: £290.00

Known universally as “The Cookie Queen”; this is Julia’s first visit to Cake International!  Julia M Usher spends her time creating beautiful cookie art and has many hats including instructor, digital content creator, product design, competition host, judge and business coach.   When Julia isn’t traveling the globe teaching her art, you will find her in her basement test kitchen airbrushing cookies for her next stencil release and creating new decorating techniques.

Orchid Fever with Alan Dunn & Petya Shmarova 

Saturday 4th November 2023 09.00 – 17.30hrs (8.5 hours)

Join Alan Dunn and Petya Shmarova in a exclusive flower adventure. The class is dedicated to the one and only Tombi Peck. Two of her favourite orchids in one class. 

This workshop will teach the following skills –

Moth Orchid from GumPaste/Cold Porcelain and Oncidium Orchid from Wafer Paper as well some matching foliage from both mediums.  During this full-day course, you will work with Gum Paste/ Cold Porcelain and Wafer Paper. You will learn the basis for using those edible mediums for creating realistic flowers and foliage for cake decorating.

Gumpaste/Cold Porcelain techniques that will be covered

*How to roll the paste to the correct thickness
*How to form a thick ridge with the help of a rolling pin
*How to form the ridge by using a special grooved board
*Cutting the petals with the help of the cutters
*How to apply texture with silicon veiners
*Inserting wire, forming centre, colouring and glazing
*Assembling the flower
*You will learn how to store and how to bring the paste “back to life” if it needs it

Wafer paper techniques that will be covered

*How to treat wafer paper with water
*How to choose the correct thickness of the wafer paper
*How to store
*How to create Orchid Bud
*How to create Small Orchid Flower
*How to apply texture with veiner
*How to apply texture-free style
*How to make foliage, insert the wire and a different way of colouring wafer paper

Each student will make and take home after the class one Gumpaste/Cold Porcelain Moth Orchid and matching foliage and Oncidium Orchid Spike plus Monstera Foliage made from Wafer Paper.

Price: £290.00

Alan is simply the master of flower making. He has written 13 books on floral work and co-written with Tombi Peck and Tony Warren. Alan has travelled all over the world teaching and, after being in the industry for over 20 years, it is an opportunity not to be missed to be part of Alan’s workshop!

Petya is a Sugarcrafter based in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is the author of the book “Wafer Paper Flowers” published in 2016 which was the first book covering how to create realistic-looking flowers from wafer paper. Petya is an international teacher, demonstrator and multiple awards winner from International Cake Exhibitions. Petya works with Gumpaste, Cold porcelain, Royal Icing and Sugar paste, but her true love and passion is Wafer paper.  Accredited tutor and demonstrator for leading UK Cake Decoration Companies – Patchwork Cutters and Knightsbridge PME and approved Cake International Judge since 2019.

The Strategy Session with Emma Stewart

Saturday 4th November 2023 09.00 – 13.30hrs

  • The Strategy Session is your time to define and create your personal success plan to move you and your business forward.
  • A small group session designed to help you identify and get clarity on your version of success, the way you want your business to look in 12 months time and start creating a plan on how you can take steps towards achieving that. Mindset will be an important part of this because knowing your value interconnects with charging your worth.
  • It’s a little taster of what we do in the Cake CEO program…but done in real life, where you have the opportunity to have Emma’s eyes on your business and ask those all-important questions.
  • And November is a perfect time to get ahead of the rest by planning out your 2024.

Price: £150.00

Emma is a multi award winning international wedding cake designer and cake business mentor. Originally from Kent, now living in Northern Ireland. She creates luxury wedding cakes throughout the Uk & Europe.

With over 12 years experience in the cake world. Emma has written monthly tutorials for Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft Magazine , been named in the Top 10 UK and Ireland Cake Artists 2020 by Cake Masters Magazine , demoed multiple times on stage at Cake International and in 2022 published her first book Cake Fundamentals.

Emma believes that every caker has a gift. Hers isn’t just making cakes, it’s helping you to grow the successful cake business you truly want. Because when you find it, it’s impossible to not fall in love with your business, become irresistible to your customers and live the life of freedom you desire.

​Let Emma use her knowledge and experiences to guide you to your successes. Now it’s your turn to believe you can. See that it’s possible. And together, you’ll make it your reality.


Realistic Painting with Carla Puig 

Saturday 4th November 2023 14.00 – 17.00hrs (3 hours)

Each student will receive a chocolate face already modelled and will begin with the theoretical and practical explanation of the painting.

You will be taught how to paint with edible colouring on a chocolate face using various techniques used in special effects makeup to achieve a realistic finish.

Techniques taught during class –

  • How to make and paint the eyes
  • How to texturize skin in chocolate
  • How to texture and paint eyebrows
  • Theoretical explanation of the different colours in the skin
  • Layer painting with edible colourings over chocolate for a realistic skin finish.

Price: £145.00

Carla was born and still lives in Girona, Spain. Carla won Best in Show 2016 at Cake International and since then has taught workshops annually for the show including the spring escape weekend this year. Carla recently completed her art degree specialising in “sculpture techniques”. Being well known for her incredibly realistic facial sculptures, Carla’s love of teaching has taken her all over the world and gained the adoration of many in the cake industry. Carla spends her spare time with her 2 dogs and her husband, usually in that order!


Christmas Village with Claire Anderson of Clairella Cakes

Sunday 5th November 2023 09.00 – 15.00hrs (6 hours)

This workshop will teach the following skills –

  • Airbrushing completely from white on a curved surface
  • Understanding & mixing colours
  • Shading & blocking airbrushing techniques
  • Trouble shooting problems with your airbrush
  • Maintenance of your airbrush – cleaning etc
  • How to plot your design & layer templates
  • Royal Icing details & how to hold your piping bag correctly
  • Making cut outs by hand 
  • Hand painting details
  • Beginners are welcome. No experience is necessary in airbrushing or piping. The design will be broken down into easy to follow steps to build up your beautiful cake.

Price: £205.00

Claire Anderson is a Multi-Award-Winning Cake Artist who is recognised as one of the finest airbrushing & hand-painted cake specialists in the UK.

Claire has a passion for creating stunning “edible art” cakes & also teaches highly sought-after classes nationally & internationally & has students coming from all over the world to attend. Her tutorials have featured in several cake & Sugarcraft magazines & her beautiful cake creations have also graced The Times, Reddit, Huffington Post, Good Morning America, ABC News & various other publications worldwide.

In 2014 Claire also launched her amazing range of Clairella Cakes cake decorating products which include her own bespoke airbrush kit, cookie cutters & stencil range sold worldwide.

Cakes By Lynz Mermaid Cake 

Sunday 5th November 2023 09.00 – 15.00hrs (6 hours)

Mermaid Cake Workshop – Techniques covered

  • How to cover a dummy cake with ombre marbled fondant
  • Covering the cake board
  • Basic character modelling
  • Creating balls / balloons for your cakes
  • Wave ruffles
  • Modelling sea themed shapes without moulds

Price: £190.00

From her UK kitchen Lynsey runs the Cakes by Lynz YouTube channel and blog. Creating regular step-by-step tutorials for all levels of baking, her videos include cake recipes, gumpaste flowers, cupcake piping techniques, fun baking projects, showstopper cakes and so much more. Working from her own cake decorating experience, Lynsey’s aim has always been to provide budding cake makers fun, inspiring and well explained step-by-step tutorials, which are easy to follow and recreate.


Beauteous Peacock Cake Artistry with Anjali Tambde  

Sunday 5th November 2023 09.00 – 15.00hrs (6 hours)

Learn to create this elegant and colourful peacock cake with Anjali’s signature MPP technique {modelling, painting, patterns} where the patterns are rolled in the sugar paste and sliced to attain the effect. In this day’s class you will also learn how to assemble different shapes and sizes of cakes and use of sugar paste to model the peacock. Anjali will teach how to create simple patterns to form an intricate design and the right use of colour palette while decorating a colourful cake. You will also learn how to paint using cocoa butter on 3d models {peacock} and texturing techniques. 

Techniques covered:

  • Assembling cakes of various shapes and sizes
  • How to use dowels
  • Rolling, reducing and slicing patterns
  • Uniformly decorating patterns on the cake
  • Modelling realistic 3d peacock
  • Texturing
  • Painting with cocoa butter
  • Shading and blending colours
  • Dry dusting
  • Using cutters to cut intricate designs
  • Making tiny flowers
  • Symmetrically assembling patterns
  • Rolling strings without the use of moulds or tools
  • Creating attractive colour palette
  • Balancing the colour scheme 

This class is suitable for all skill levels including beginners and each student will take home this beautifully decorated peacock cake.

Price: £205.00

Anjali is a Cake International Judge and won Best in Show at Cake International 2016.  Anjali has a Guinness world record as one of the fastest bakers and is a PME 5 star sugar artist, she has been Saracino ambassador for around 7 years and runs her little venture called Global Cake Toppers for 16 years.  Anjali has been a professional fashion designer and loves using those techniques to create her distinctive & vibrant cakes, along with baking Anjali loves to cook and painting & gardening is something she always prefers doing in her spare time.


Witch with Gary Pollard  

Saturday 4th November 2023 09.00 – 17.30hrs (8.5 hours)

WITCH CLASS “When ageing your creation, you can go extreme, but you must obey the rules.”

In this brand new class, we will be studying the effects of ageing in a fantasy context.

Along the way we will be pushing the boundaries of character design between caricature and reality to the most engaging effects.

Facial anatomy and expression/character design options/ageing/texture and skin

Price: £290.00

Gary Pollard graduated with a B.A. (Hons) Degree in 3D design at Nottingham University in England in 1982. He accepted his first professional engagement as a sculptor on the fantasy film “Labyrinth” in 1983. For more than three decades he has contributed work to an extensive list of films, television programmes, themed environments, advertisements and exhibitions, progressing to team supervisor positions and following his creations through design, construction and installation.


Crepe Myrtle Flower Making Class with Arati Mirji

Sunday 5th November 2023 09.00 – 15.00hrs (6 hours)

Welcome to the Crepe Myrtle Flower Making Class! Also known as Pride of India or Queen of Flowers, the Crepe Myrtle is native to Tropical Southern Asia and has significant medicinal value, being extensively used in Ayurveda to treat various ailments. 

In this class, you will learn:

• Arati’s signature technique – AQT (Arati’s Quick Twiddle Technique), using her specialized tool, QTT. 

• Learn to wire the petals of the Crepe Myrtle in various ways, allowing you to choose the method that suits you best. 

• Guided instructions on cutting, thinning, veining, and shaping the petals to achieve a realistic look and texture. 

• Discover how to skilfully add colour and depth to the petals, buds, and fruits, making them look as real as possible. 

• Master the correct taping method to keep the weighty fruits firmly in place for a stable and polished final result. 

• Construct the center of the flower and tape the petals to achieve a lifelike and natural appearance. 

• Thoroughly cover the process of creating buds, fruits, and flower using the newly launched Saracino’s Flowerpaste by Arati Mirji; and learn how to assemble them into a captivating sprig. 

• Through the class, Arati will generously share tips and tricks on flower making, enabling you to apply these skills to craft other types of flowers as well. 

Experience the satisfaction of mastering a new skill in this class, where you’ll acquire the finesse to create awe-inspiring Crepe Myrtle flowers capable of captivating hearts and minds alike.

Price: £205.00

Arati Mirji is a Sugar Flower Artist from Bengaluru, India.  She specialises in the art and science of sugar flowers.  Arati creates realistic and natural looking sugar flowers with edible flower paste and she enjoy experimenting with materials, tools and new techniques .Having only started sugar art in 2015, within a year she was a finalist in the sugar flowers category at Cake Masters Magazine Awards for two consecutive years and went on to win the award in the third year.   In 2018 she won the highly coveted Cake Masters Magazine Awards and First Place Gold at Cake International for my display inspired by the Fireworks theme in the Sugar Flower Category.

Cake International Terms & Conditions for Workshops

All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure our workshop areas are made safe.

All full day workshops include lunch and refreshments.

All materials and equipment required to create the piece advertised provided. You will be able to take home your finished piece (not the equipment supplied).

It might be necessary for some small items to be supplied by the student, a list will be sent to you before the workshop.

The student is responsible for their own travel costs to and from the workshop.

Please be aware that it is possible that the workshop may run over the expected finish time.

Due to such a high demand for places, the full payment is required upon booking.

Please be aware that once the full payment has been made, we are unable to refund so please double check travel arrangements before committing to a workshop.

Please inform us at the time of booking if you have any special dietary needs and/or allergies

Maximum number of students are stated in each class description.

All students must be 18 or older and are legally responsible for themselves and their actions whilst participating in the workshop.

In the unlikely event the workshop is cancelled by Cake International, you will receive a full refund. Cake International cannot be held responsible for any of your travel/accommodation costs.