Bacofoil | Cake International


We are pleased to announce Bacofoil® as the sponsor the Bake International Theatre.

Bacofoil® will be showcasing its Non-Stick Baking Paper with new non-slip base, which will be used by the artists in the demonstration theatre.

Zoe Lunn, Head of Brand Management at Bacofoil® said: “There’s nothing quite like watching live baking in a theatre by the professionals, and we’re so pleased to be part of that at the very first Bake International. We know how passionate the visitors are about creating great bakes and we’ll be showcasing our products and doing some giveaways as well.”

Bacofoil’s® new Non-Stick Baking Paper is designed for professionals and home bakers alike. The innovative and unique non-stick, textured surface reduces the amount of contact with the bake, meaning that everything from cookies, cakes and doughs will bake evenly and slide effortlessly off the paper.