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Sandro Farmhouse

Saturday 4th November

Born in Angola, Sandro came to England after fleeing the Angolan War aged two, finding his new home in London. An avid sportsman, Sandro has a keen interest in boxing, and has also formerly participated in ballet and breakdance classes. Finding a talent for baking at 21, as a medium of therapy after his father passed away, Sandro applied for the 13th series of The Great British Bake Off with the hopes of becoming GBBO Winner 2022. During his time on the show, Sandro enjoyed infusing Angolan flavours into his bakes, winning the attention of the judges and earning Star Baker status.  Sandro leads a voluntary project called Beyond the Cakes. Working with children and young adults with special needs and Autism, Sandro delivers a range of interactive cake-making workshops as a method of therapy and relaxation for the children.