Rhianydd’s Secret Garden | Cake International

Sponsored by Vanilla Valley

A full day of sculpting awaits in Rhianydd’s Secret Garden, be transported to a secret woodland hideaway, where our endangered animals are safe and protected by little Pinenut the fairy.


Skills included in the display:

  • Assembling and carving the tree trunk over an armature
  • Ganache and ice with bark texture both from a mat and by hand
  • Airbrush tree from a light brown
  • Add edible moss to the tree trunk
  • Isomalt pond with a little RKT water vole peeking out
  • Blackberry plant
  • Create an adder from sugarpaste, adding texture and painting
  • Wafer Paper oak leaves
  • Sugar Fern
  • Create a sleeping dormouse using Saracino modelling paste and dust to finish.
  • Wafer paper tortoise shell butterfly
  • Pine nut the fairy with Saracino and gelatine wings.
  • Pine Martin
  • Red Squirrels bottom and tail disappearing into his drey in the tree.