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The Cake Side of the Moon

50 years ago, man travelled 384,400 km into space — but what did they find? Step into the void at Cake International on Tour…


To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the moon landings, we want to show that impossible dreams can become reality! At Cake International, there are no limits to the possibilities that cakers can achieve –  at the competition, exhibiting, collaborating or just visiting.

Experience the excitement of both the moon landing and CI when you watch the CI flag being placed on the surface of the moon and visit an alien autopsy room! Designed by Steph Parker, who is known for her ingenious immersive displays, this collaboration includes moving parts, interactive elements and motion mapping technology.

Artists include:  Hayley O’Beirnes Gadget Cakes, Stephanie Would CakeNation, Cheryl Gaulton Jammy Jam Cakes, Elza Baldzhiyska – The Nightwichs Cakes, Jacqui Kelly Totally Sugar, Anna Taylor Dillon, Kay Gajra Kaykes, Deepali Markus, Angie Harris Angie Harris Cake Artist, Jennifer Lofthouse Darrowby Cakes, Kate Jordin The Bake Well Tart,  Anna Dillon – Dillon’s Cakes  & Nicola Bradshaw Little Brown Fairy Cake.

With huge thanks to Stuart at Motion Mapping.

“Come and see the moon in a different light in this representation of the duality of cake decorating. In this exhibit, the moon represents what people feel when they are presented with a finished cake – and it seems like it must be so easy to achieve! But decorators understand that blood, sweat and tears are needed to be successful in this industry. So many things can go wrong before you get your cake to the table –  a moment much like the astronaut’s flag finally being pitched into the moon’s surface.  Every caker is that spaceman!

Cakers have two sides – the professional that creates what a client wants – and the artist who dreams of what they’d like to create. The alien autopsy represents the side people don’t see… and we can often feel like our insides or hearts are being ripped out!” Steph Parker.

3, 2, 1 ….

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